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Clarissa Wong is currently living and working in Singapore, Singapore.

She has exhibited her work in Europe and North America. She has been featured in some online galleries and participated in group show all along the east coast of North America. She was a finalist of the Westminster Kennel Club in and has exhibited in Art Basel and in Sotheby's New York. Her latest exhibition was a solo show with Gucci, and she collaborated with Gucci to paint onsite during the 2021 Gucci Ouverture fashion show.

My art is composed of botany, animals and human figures. 
I am exploring what the earth has to offer through my art, seeing nature in different aspects and interpreting in my own creative worlds in every piece.
Have you ever felt the need to travel to a whimsical, colourful place that feels harmonised.  I am drawn to mother nature in every aspect and how it can vary from one place to another. Experiencing the differentiations of their origins, whether this maybe a plant life or an animal. We are visitors of the earth. I want people to be aware with the problems of our environment, I approach the subject matter with a holistic mindset. I am trying to combine my passions and fantasies on the canvas by addressing problems that we are facing in a mindful way through surrealist imagery. I combine the human species with other species on my pieces, showing the relationship that we have. Mother Nature is so much larger than we are. 


2021      Gucci Ouverture, Gucci Studio Collaboration, solo artshow. April 11th - April 16th 2021

2020     New York Academy of Art, Summer Exhibition 2020, Online

2017     Era Contemporary, Spring Crush, Bryn Mawr, PA.   April 7th - June 7th 2017
             Westminster Kennel Club Artwork Competition Finalist. New York, NY. Feb 2017

2016  KUNST Berlin, 5th Exhibition in Berlin. Berlin, Germany.
           Second Avenue Gallery, Art Prize. Grand Rapids, Michigan.        
           Galeria Zero, GZ Basel 2016,. Basel, Switzerland.
           New York Academy of Art, MFA Thesis Exhibit. New York, NY.
           The Ellington White Contemporary, 2nd ART and Flowers Exhibition. NC, USA. 
           Fusion Art Online,  Animal Kingdom. International Online Juried Art Exhibition
 , Flowers, Plants and Gardens 2 
          New York Academy of Art, Deck the Walls (Wilkinson Hall Gallery),  New York, NY,USA.
          New York Academy of Art, Tribeca Ball, Manhattan, NY, USA.

2015    Wilkinson Hall Gallery, Deck the Walls, New York, NY, USA.
            New York Academy of Art, Tribeca Ball, Manhattan, NY, USA.

2014   New York Academy of Art, Art History and Composition, GL, Manhattan, NY, USA.
           Wilkinson Hall Gallery, Deck the Walls, Manhattan, NY, USA.
           New York Academy of Art, COPY/CUT/EDIT, New York, NY
           Sotheby’s, Take Home a Nude, New York, NY,USA.

2013   Commissioned Artwork/Residency, Melbourne, Australia.

2012   Beard and Weil Galleries, Ars Longa, Vita Brevis Art Show, Norton, MA, USA. 
           Wheaton Quarterly  •Featured art.“Muscular Flamingo.” P. 16
2008   American Club, The Factory, Singapore, Singapore.
           IASAS Cultural Convention, art selected for exhibition in annual convention. Bangkok, Thailand



2016- Present   Private Art Tutor (portfolio and learning disabilities)

2016-7  New York Academy of Art, Teacher Assistant
2014   Mulan Gallery Pte Ltd, Curated exhibition, work on catalogs for shows. Singapore,Singapore. 
           Children’s Place, Montessori teacher assistant, planned all arts and craft lessons. Singapore
2013   Life! Community Development Ltd. Designed website, Kampot, Cambodia.
           Hope Center,  Humanitarian Trip, teaching the local children. Kampot, Cambodia
           National Museum of Singapore, Awakening the Dragon: National Ceramics Forum. 

2011-12     Wheaton College, Chalk Board. Norton, MA, USA.
2006 + ’11    Club 21, PR and marketing. Singapore, Singapore.
2010  Wheaton CollegeTurning the Page: The Evolution of the Artists' Book. Curator. Norton, MA, USA.         

           Intuition, Graphic Design and Advertising. Singapore, Singapore.  
2009  iPreciation Art Gallery, internship. Singapore, Singapore. 
           Wheaton College Art Zine Theme House, Gebbie, 2009-2010
2008   Beard & Weil Galleries, Twisted Sisters, assisted artist Patrick Dougherty. Norton, MA, USA. 

Singapore American School, National Art Honor Society: 2007-2008

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